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TopGunge The Original Ep1 Part 1 (Never Published)


Back in January 2009, we shot the first ever episodes of TopGunge, it was our first time working indoors with artificial lighting.

We messed it up, so we had to re-shoot several sections of the first Two episodes.

In this, the Interview from Episode 1, Steffi was originally one of the girls being interviewed, the lighting was too bright on the stage area and when we tried to edit it, there was nothing we could do, at the time, to rescue the video.

So we arranged to re-shoot this scene, but, Steffi and Emma were not available to take part in the re-shoot. So we ended up with EmmaJ instead, Michelle had to host on her own and Emma had to do a completely different scene to explain her absence from the interview and how she was already messy in the next part of the episode.

I have now managed to improve the original scene, though it isn’t perfect, I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to watch it.

What’s also funny to note is that Elena, Michelle and Emma had to do this scene all over again and get messy all over again.