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*During our review we will assess the legitimacy of your complaint 


*Any media reported that has a valid legal reason for removal will be removed as soon as possible after that decision


*An appeal can be made against our decision if you do not agree with it, which we will pass on to an external arbitrator to asses the legitimacy of your appeal 



If you see anything on the website which you believe might qualify for removal for legal reasons, please use the form to report it to us.


If any one in any of the media feels that a video they appear in should be removed, please use the form below and explain why you feel we do not have the legal right to “publish for sale” said media, or for content which you feel has a special circumstance for removal, please use the form below to appeal to us for the removal of content, please include your name, contact information and why you feel the media should be removed, provide us with as much detail as possible?




We will then come to a conclusion and make a fair decision based on the information you have submitted, about the removal of any reported media.