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Rhian & Poppy Strip Dice for Baked Beans Covering

Full HD

Rhian is wearing a black crop top, skirt with black tights and lingerie. Poppy is wearing a white shirt, skirt, tanned tights and lingerie!

Rock, Paper, Scissors. Who ever wins choses whether they roll the dice first or second when rolling the dice. The one with the lowest score has to strip an item of clothing off.
The girls choose what level they go to!
The over all loser is the one who doesn’t wish to roll the dice / strip off any more items of clothing.
The Loser gets the Mystery mess over them (cold baked beans).
The winner gets to spin the mystery wheel with cash prizes, and forfeits like lose model fee, have hands tied etc.

If the spinner gets a prize they get to pie the looser with shaving foam pies. If they get a forfeit they get shaving foam pies instead.
At the end the girls get washed off.