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Poppy Rhian PVC Savory Mess Mixed with Feet

Full HD

Poppy and Rhian are both wearing PVC outfits. They show off their outfits then take in turns picking mess from the trolley to put in the others bucket… Once all the mess is used up they take off their shoes and stick their bare feet into their buckets to mix up the mess…

One mixed up they take their feet out and put their heels on!
They play rock paper scissors to see who will get the mess poured on them first! Once the mess is poured slowly over their opponents head its their time to take the seat and have it done to them also!

They show off their messy selves where then they play R,P,S to see who’s going to get the scooped up mess poured on them again!

Next the girls switch over and the mess gets poured on the other while getting danced around while mess is being poured giving a bit of a lap dance!

At the end the girls sit close to each other as possible while holding each others butts and getting the mess poured on them together once more before the wash off.