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Mud Wrestling EP18 Charlotte Lisa Foam Finale

Full HD

This is the final episode of the main episodes from this series! It’s another ‘match’ with Charlotte and Lisa! Well when we say match or wrestling, We’ve had enough of fighting and this one is all about love and peace! A lot of rolling, dancing getting messy in the mud but not so much wrestling.

After the ‘wrestling’ we pull in Ref. mypierogative (Maria) into the mud and invite all the girls from previous episodes to get her covered, While doing so its foam party time. The mud pit gets filled with foam and we all play in the foam before all getting washed off in the shower at the end. Please note at the very end of the foam party our camera got dropped into the mud pit by a girl (naming no names) and corrupt the file of one camera. So parts are edited out where glitching happens, Though there are some audio sync issues, but majority has been edited out and this doesn’t affect the main scenes or miss much, You may wonder why bits are chopped out of the foam party. The main scene camera sticks to the camera that was safe, so less camera changing but still full scene. So please don’t be alarmed that your computer has buffering issues or else if you notice slight glitching or audio sync issues (more on foam section). Thanks and wow 18 episodes. Should we do it again? What do you want to see? Let us know.