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Casual Wamzooka Mud Rhian Vs Sky

Full HD

Back with Wamzooka with Rhian and Sky dressed in casual outfits. We have 8 high powered air cannons ready to fire mud at our daring girls. They play rock paper scissors to see who will go first. The girl playing picks a letter from a-e which corresponds to a category/subject. (revealed just before timer starts) Next the playing girl chooses again between a-e this is to select and option that corresponds to an amount of answers she has to give. (Not revealed, she has no idea how many answers she has to give) Then finally she chooses again a letter from a-e which corresponds to a time amount. (Not revealed, she has no idea how long she has got)

3… 2… 1 go! The girl playing is told the category and the timer starts she must list as many things in that category as possible to hit the target, if she gets it she stays clean for another round, if she doesn’t get the target amount a cannon or two that fire mess at her! After the round the girls swap over. and they carry on for 5 rounds each to determine a winner and looser, the looser takes a seat for a blast of all 8 cannons.

The cannons are filled with mud, at the end the girls wash off.