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Today Michelle is wearing a wacky outfit, Shes wearing a purple pinstrip shirt with a red tie, black waistcoat black leather gloves, jeans and black boots. Michelle sits proudly and touches her hair then puts on her coat and poses for the camera. She goes to the pool and takes off her gloves dips her hand in the pool and flicks some water on herself then puts her glove back on and gets in the pool. She gets in fully to get wet and comes out and poses for the camera. Next Michelle goes back in and out again posing for the camera before getting back in the by falling into the pool, She gets out the pool removing her coat and posing for the camera, she sits on the pool steps for a moment stroking her hair, befor getting back in the pool and getting back out again before removing her tie and letting her hair down then posing for the camera. Michelle gets back in and does some dunking her head into the water before getting out again and removing her waist coat and boots and poses for the camera. Shes back in the pool again dipping her socks in the pool before taking them off. She goes for a swim before getting out for the final time and puts her boots back on and poses for the camera before leaving!