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C95 Megans Oil and Gunge Bath Treatment

Full HD

New girl Megan who has only shot with a few times gets asked to do a custom, She its wearing a cute body suit with No Bra with some violet colored jeans with suspenders underneath and converse style trainers. I pour oil down the inside of her jeans to see if we can see the suspenders, then ask megan to kneel down and i pour oil all over her, then ask her to roll around and get covered as much as possible. She stands up and shows of the oilyness then pours some blue gunge into her trainers. She puts the trainers on then walks over and gets into the bath.

We slowly fill the bath full of wonderful bright yellow gunge until she is pretty much submerged. Megan submerges her head under the gunge, rolls around in it, plays in it, shows off the gunge to camera lots before stepping out and lying on the floor where i pour blue and black gunge on her before getting washed off.