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Today Lila gets the Oil and Gunge Bath Treatment, She starts off by showing her outfit off, Next she removes her heels and tips her toes in the tray of oil. She then puts her heels back on and walks around in them in the oil. I step in and chain Lila up and pour oil down the front of her jeans, then spin her around and pour oil down the back. I release her and she sits down in the oil tray i ask her to get covered and have a little roll around. Lila rolls around and her top goes see-through / sheer… Once satisfied she goes forth to the wonderful bright yellow bath. Lila steps in and gets covered in the yellow gunge, i ask her to step out and i pour blue gunge on her head. It runs down her chest and makes for an interesting look. I pour more on her legs, back and bum. She steps back into the bath and it goes a little marbled. Lila gets covered back in the yellow gunge, and then steps out and lies down, i pour black gunge on her and get her covered. Lastly Lila steps back in the bath gets covered one last time before getting washed off.