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C82 My Toffee Chocolate Mess and Green Gunge Bath

Full HD

Today i get covered in toffee sauce, chocolate sauce and lots of pretty colours of gunge. I’m wearing some funky orange socks over some red tights with denim shorts and a black top. I take a seat on the floor where assistant alice pours toffee and chocolate sauce on me! yum! then i proceed to the bath where green gunge gets poured on me until the bath is filled up. I roll around and play in the wonderful bath…Doing some submersions then I step out and get some pink and yellow gunge poured in my shoes, i get back in the bath and Alice pours the yellow gunge over my head and shoulders then legs. Then she does the same with the pink gunge. I get back in the bath and mix it all in before getting out and washing off.

**issue with being cropped on short first clip and wierd cropping on parts of the video, but doesnt really affect the overall video**