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C725 Rhian Vs Poppy Games for Strip and Savoury Mess

Full HD

*This is episode 5 in the strip for messy bowls series, ep4 has been lost due to data corruption / and one of the very few files not backed up for some reason.*

Previous episode Sky vs poppy…

In this episode Rhian and poppy play some games to decide who has to strip off to their underwear and have the looser shirt and shorts dipped into the messy bowls that are mixed with cottage cheese, gravy, beans, spaghetti, soups, mushy peas etc…

After the games are played the girl strips off while the winner dips the looser t-shirt and shorts into the bowls for the loser to put on messy… then the mess is poured over the girls head and legs, at the end she gets washed off.