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C703 Sky Mud Bath in Blaser plus Socks

Full HD

Sky arrives in her black blazer and trousers and shows off her nice new white socks top and bottom, she accidentally steps into the mud on the floor, she tried to pick up the mud with her hands but gets her socks more mucky. Sky rubs off her messy hands on her trousers,.. and continues, she dips her arms into the bath and gets her blazer muddy… Sky steps into the bath getting her socks mucky and showing them off. She then takes a seat in the mud and sits back putting up her feet on the side of the bath while she rubs mud all over her blazer… next she rolls around in the mud getting fully covered in the muck…. All but her head and hair.. so next she dunks her self under head first and then lays back to make sure she is covered.
Sky takes off her blazer and puts it into the mud then chucks it out of the bath onto the floor. She takes off her socks and sticks her clean feet into the mud. She shows off her feet before getting out and put her socks and blazer back on.