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C700 Rhian Casey Coloured Tights Gunge Dunk Custom Game

Full HD

Casey and Rhian along with Leia Hosting are wearing some nice maroon / purple tights with trainers, they explaing their outfits… give a twirl… Then are asked about going into the gunge and ruining their outfits… and why their opponent should go into the gunge dunk.

Next they take off their trainers slowly with a nice closer shoot, they tease the camera a bit. Casey and Rhian play Rock Paper Scissors to see who will end up on the dunk tank seat first, they take a seat on the dunk tank with their toes dipped into the gunge… The first game is answering questions without using a certain letter… if they get it wrong they get dunked… If they get through the round the opponent gets dunked!

In the end everyone gets messy (not leia the host)… and they get washed off… There is a replay tank camera from tank side that plays at the end of just the best bits.