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C677 Rhian Poppy Prisoners Play for Savoury Bowls in Lingerie?

Full HD

Rhian and Poppy are wearing white t-shirts along with jogging bottoms They are playing the rolls of prisoners trying to escape essentially one or both will end up in lingerie and get bowls of mess poured over them with a possibility of getting their hands tied behind their back before the mess.

Both girls will be given 2 envelopes, one with share and one with steal written on paper inside. They should look inside the envelopes but not show the other girl what is in their envelopes. They will then get a chance to discuss what they want to do. The three possible outcomes should be explained to the girls before hand to assist their decisions. They do not necessarily have to stick to what they tell the other girl they will do however. Once they have discussed, they must pick one of their 2 envelopes and reveal what they picked. This will result in one of three scenarios:

Scenario 1: Both girls pick share

Scenario 2: One girl shares and the other steals

Scenario 3: Both girls steal

If one girl gambles, they will play blowit attempting to score 350 in 5 darts. Should they win, they avoid today’s mess and condemn the other girl to strip, hands tied and all 6 basins, however both must still return for the punishment show.

If both gamble, the girl with the highest score wins and the other girl strip, has hands tied and takes all basins, but again both must return for the punishment show.

If neither gamble, both strip, have hands tied and take 3 basins each, with both returning for the additional punishment show.”