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C672 Rhian Sky Oiling Braless and Gunge Bath

Full HD

Sky and Rhian walk to the studio from outside wearing their outfits, then arrive on set and talk through what they are wearing. Sky is wearing a long grey over cardigan, White long sleeve top braless, White jeans, Stockings, Socks with trainers. Rhian is wearing a blue cotton top braless, a net over arm top, a white mesh long skirt, net white tights along with heels

They pour oil onto each other, starting with Rhian pouring it down inside skys jeans, then over her head then finally all the clean bits Sky rubs the oil in a bit… Then sky sits down and gets more oil pour over her before rolling around in the oil in the tray. Then Rhian lays down in the tray and gets oil pour all over her, then they both take a seat in the tray and pour oil over each other then roll around in the oily tray then they stand up and show off their outfits. Then they get into the gunge bath, Rhian goes furth laying back straight into a submersion, then she gets out and sky goes in head first… Then Rhian lays in a tray where sky pours colourful gunge all over her. Then sky gets in with her and gets gunge poured on her. Then they both take a dip back in the gunge bath before getting washed off.