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C671 Tess Lays in Bath While Its Filled with Metalic Gunge

Full HD

Tess walks down the path to the studio in her outfit, then walks onto set and is talked to by Leia. She talks through what she’s wearing. A grey long sleeve top and is braless underneath, along with a little red mini skirt some fishnet style tights with red netted socks and some heels. She lays down in the bath where it is filled with gunge slowly, she tries to stay as still as possible as the bath fills up. She is talked to by Leia as the filling goes on. Once filled Tess submerges under the gunge and comes up and for a few seconds holds off wiping her eyes and mouth. Tess rolls around in the bath to keep getting covered… then stands up to show off her gungy outfit. She scrapes off the gunge, and lays down in the tray on the floor where colourful gunge is poured all over her while she tries to lay still. Finally she dives back in the blue gunge bath for a final covering before getting washed off.