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In this customs Poppy hosts Amie playing along / against Jas in some messy games!

Round 1

First up we need you to make the custard pie. The customer will then mark it for design it needs to look good and also be messy, so I want to see lots of custard and cream. Then you need to decide which one of you will be pied so we can see how messy it is.

Round 2

This round is about general knowledge. Now (insert name) as you are clean after the first round you will be the captain and give me the final answer, but you can confer. As captain you will be the one who has the messy forfeits if you answer incorrectly. If you answer correctly you will avoid the forfeit and score points which might save you from the gunge tank.

Round 3

Poppy: Now in this next round we’ll be rolling the dice.

You will roll it three times, and you will score the number of points shown on the dice. If you hit a 1, 3, 4 or 5 then you will get the forfeit associated with it.

1 = Two tins of mushroom soup

2 = No forfeit

3 = Two tins of beans

4 = Two tins of spaghetti hoops

5 = Bag of flour (but empty this over the clothes rather than the hair!)

6 = No forfeit

Round 4

In this round I will be asking you to name as many things as you can associated with one topic. As you try and think of the answers I will be putting you off with messy items.

Forfeits for this round 3 x Mostwam pies 1 x jug of custard 1 x jug of rice pudding.