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C667 Carly Amie Messiness With Sweet Food and Gunge Tank

Full HD

Carly previously took over the custom and got herself messy, the customer wasn’t pleased, but shes back with amie and she means business! This is a messy type discussion custom, with the girls answering questions and getting messy through out… ending up with a gunge tanking of black gunge.

The girls remind the customer of the girls qualities along with getting messy!

Now you get a second and final chance to impress the customer before we move on to the custard. The customer has selected his favourite parts about both of you.

Now we need to test your ability to spot a cheap supermarket own brand custard against a premium brand custard. I’m going to pour two tins of each over you and you have to tell me which is which.

Over here I have two jugs of custard, one for each of you. Before I start what do you both think of custard as a substance? Would you eat it? Do you love or hate it from a mess perspective?

Well thank you both for the first parts of the custom. Next up we have some questions for you from the customer as he always likes to try and find out a bit more about you.