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C666 Poppy Anime Costume Multi Gunging

Full HD

The totally unfair gameshow–pilot/test episode

Round 1 Stop the snot –

The contestant has to keep talking for a minute about gunge–but she can’t say yes or no. To make things harder, she cant say things like “um”, she can’t pause or stay silent for long periods of time, or stall the conversation by saying things unrelated to the topic of gunge.

Additionally, to make things even more unfair, if she says the word “gunge”, she instantly loses the game and gets gunged in green gunge!

Round 2–Gunge envelopes

There are 12, numbered, sealed envelopes on the table. The contestant has 3 lives and will need to find all three of the envelopes that contains the note “safe” to avoid getting gunged in the gunge tank.

Round 3–Guess the gunge colour!

The contestant is blind-folded, three buckets full of gunge are then brought out. This game is simple–the contestant has to guess the colour of the gunge in the bucket. If she’s right, she stays clean (this gunge would then be used later in the final game). If she’s wrong, it gets dumped over her head!

Final Round: The Great Gunge Tank Escape! –

A huge gunging will be dumped on the contestant unless they can successfully guess the 6 digit code correctly, in just 10 seconds!

This option is “surrender”–after hearing the rules of the game, if the contestant doesnt feel confident enough in winning the game and thinks she’s going to get gunged for certain, she can instead choose to forgo playing the game altogther and get gunged. If she chooses this option, it means she’s definitely going to get gunged, but she also wins a bonus 50 for being such a great sport. If she declines the offer and decides to play the game fairly, she will forego the bonus cash prize–even if she somehow wins, all she gets is the huge gunging anyway, and not the cash prize! (after all, the name of the gameshow is “The Totally Unfair Gameshow!”

Lots of gunging of all colours!