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C664 Carly Frankie Mini Games for Slime Tank and Savoury Tubes!

Full HD

Frankie and Carly play a series of mini games to establish who will end up in the slime tank and who gets the mixed mess down the tubes over their heads.

Firstly they play basketball, both girls get 2 minutes to try and throw the basketball into the hoop as many times as possible… the girl who loses round 1 goes and sits in the slime tank. Round 2 the winner of round 1 plays higher or lower with a deck of cards, when they get it wrong they swap places they keep playing until the deck of cards is used up. The girl left in the tank is the looser and the girl out of the tank is the winner. The winner gets to pick from 3 envelopes to ‘decide the outcome’ however unbeknownst to the girls all 3 envelopes have the same outcome written inside.

The girls endure their results, one getting the slime tank first and then the other getting the mess down the tubes.

Tubes, 10 jugs: Beans x3, peas soup x2, Mushroom Soup x2, Rice Pudding x1, Veg soup x1, spaghetti hoops x1.