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C653 Carly Rhian Cops and Robbers Gunging

Full HD

Police women rhian see Carly chuck some rubbish on the floor she blows her whistle and tells Carly to pick it up! Carly picks it up and chucks it at rhian and tries to leave. Rhian arrests her and tells her anything she does say will be held again her in the gunge tank! Carly exclaims that she doesnt want to get gunged it looks horrible and slimy, that shes been in their before and doesnt want to go in again! Rhian sends her to the tank and gunges her!

Carly leaves and rhian explains she likes getting justice on criminals… then takes a seat in the gunge tank… calry sneeks back in and pulls the chain on the tank gunging her!

Then the two of them chuck gunge on each other to get covered before washing off at the end.