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C652 Lucy and Poppy The Gunge Tank Vote… Bare Legged

Full HD

Lucy and Poppy play gunge vote where the customers vote for who gets gunged! Both girls are bare legged with no tights on. They

At the end they get washed off.

* ”Last week Frankie lost the Gunge Vote to myself and faced a brutal gunging, this week we have Lucy and Poppy hoping to avoid the gunge.

Now then Lucy and Poppy, what happens to you is down to the public. So Lucy why should the public save you from the gunge… ”

”And Poppy why should you not be gunged?” ”How does it feel Lucy, you don’t have to go anywhere near the gunge, and you get to go home nice and dry?”

”We are nice here at the Gunge Vote, we are going to give you a chance to escape the gunge tank nice and clean and send Lucy in there in your place. Yes Lucy you could still end up being gunged.

Leia: We are going to play 6 in 60. I’m going to ask you a question and we are looking for 6 correct answers, it could be a question with just 6 answers or there could be multiple answers, and if you can get those 6 answers inside 60 seconds then you will swap places with Lucy and she will have to face the gunge, if not then Lucy will pull the chain and you will get absolutely covered. Do you understand Poppy?’

in the end Lucy and Poppy get gunged!