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C648 Jas Nervous Gunging in Socks

Full HD

Jaz comes into work and sees today there is a charity event going on, she takes off her shoes as her feet are hurting from walking to work. She talks about who she thinks is going to go into the gunge tank at work then puts her boots back on and walks over to the gunge tank and hopes she’s not the one who’s going to get gunged…

The boss reads out the members of the office… and it ends up being Jaz is the one who’s going to get gunged and covered in sloppy muck muck. She goes into the gunge tank and removes her boots and wiggles her toes nervously, she cant believe people have chosen her to get gunged. But before the gunging, she’s offered a way to get out, she’s asked questions about the charity event she’s been working on. She doesn’t get the questions right so she gets covered in the gunge, and her favourite socks are covered too. She comes out of the gunge tank and takes a seat back at her desk and we see her mucky slimy socks. Then she takes them off showing off her bare socks. Before putting them back on and getting back into the gunge on the floor to make sure she’s covered before getting washed off.