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C646 Most Royal Monarchs Mystery Tank Strip Series Ep1 Sky Poppy

Full HD

Welcome to the Most royal monarch mystery tank strip series. Two girls play in each episode with a mystery tank, a gunge tank filled with? a substance chosen by the monarch but unknown to the girls playing until its time to pull the chain. There is a chance to win a cash prize on top of their lingerie model fee!

In this episode we have sky and poppy, they are both wearing a top, skirt along with tights over lingerie. The tank is covered and they’re asked what they think about the mystery tank and what could be in it. The looser of the games will end up in the mystery tank, and the winner will have an opportunity to spin a wheel that has the option to win a cash prize up to 150 and a jackpot game of 200, but also the wheel has options to strip more items of clothing. So the girls need to keep on as much as they can on the quiz.

The girls are asked 7 questions and write they answers on the paper provided, the answers are all numerical. The girl that is furthest from the answer must stand up and strip and item of clothing off. They keep going until they’re down to their lingerie (bra and pants). After the tanking of mud to the looser the winner is then presented with the wheel and told all the sections of the wheel, they then have the option to play the wheel or not. If she lands on a bad section on the wheel she will get pied… but if she wins lands on a good section the looser gets the pies.