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C645 Lucy Poppy Frankie Stripped Restaurant Rude Waiter Sky

Full HD

Frankie, Lucy and Poppy arrive at the restaurant but its not as nice as they expected, the waiter is rude and they feel overdressed.

The restaurant only has a selection of pies that are mixed with mucky mess. The waiter chucks the pies down on the table.

Poppy ends up laughing at Lucy getting a splatter over her, Lucy and Frankie are mad at poppy for booking a rubbish restaurant, Lucy chucks some mess on Poppy. A messy fight ends up happening between the 3, with the waiter bringing in more and more pies stirring up the chaos.

Frankie’s dress breaks and she ends up taking it off so she’s down to her little string thong… the mess continues to go all over each of the girls.

At the end they get revenge on the rude waiter Sky… Before all getting washed off. The pies are made of spaghetti, beans, eggs, ice cream sauces, custard, jelly/ jam… as well as the pies there are some ice cream sauces that are poured all over the girls.