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C644 4 Girls Pool Games to Avoid Ice Tank in Bikini

Full HD

Teams Rhian and Poppy vs Sky and Frankie are wearing their bikinis underneath their team shorts and t-shirts. They play two games to see which team will end up stripping off their t-shirt and shorts to get into the ice water tank and get cold! The first game the players relay up and down the pool while being splashed and squirted by the other team, then the teams swap over.

The second game 1 team must collect water from the other end of the swimming pool, but the player collecting is blind-folded and directed by their partner which way to go and when to scoop up the water… they must navigate the water back to their partner where they will run over to the other set and pour the water on the designated player sat on the seat who gets the water chucked over them.

At the end after the water tankings, host Leia is lifted up and chucked into the pool!