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C643 Leia Casey Suprise Slimed by Sky

Full HD

Leia and Casey come in and sit on the sofa and chat they talk about sky Leia says ‘I don’t know’ and sky pops up from behind the sofa and pours slime onto Leia. She can’t believe it. They continue to chat and Leia says I don’t know again and gets slimed by sky once more!… it happens again Casey explains that Leia has fallen into the trap of saying I don’t know But then Casey gets slimed For saying it Leia is glad Casey got slimed but then Casey gets slimed once more… and says she didn’t even say I don’t know again she gets slimed again! They ask who’s been sliming them and see that its sky, they then get her back and pour slime all over her and cover themselves from head to toe before washing off at the end.