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C642 Leia Casey Crazy for Aqua Water New Tingley Water

Full HD

So Leia has been invited in to test out some new aqua addiction water, Casey shows her around the lab showing her some bottled water, then the tub of water… as Casey looks away Leia grabs a bottle and downs it Casey checks she’s feeling okay… Leia feels okay. But then starts to feel more Tingley She begs Casey for some more she begs and begs until Casey grabs some bowls to pour over her!.. Leia then sees the water tank and asks to go in it… she convinces Casey to let her in! Leia gets into the tub of water, floats about and rolls around, Casey tells her to get out Leia then has a realisation of what’s happened, She hugs Casey and then leaves. Because she hugged casey she then feels the affects of the water and looks over to the tub of water and gets in pouring the water all over herself.