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C631 Rachel Gunged in Satin Blouse and PVC Trousers

Full HD

Rachel arrives and sits in the tank. She then sits in the tank and pretends she’s getting gunged, but nothing happens, saying she’d never gunged in her best outfit and not before her night out. She’s going to answer some viewer questions.

She gets out of the tank and does some poses in and around the tank, showing off her outfit. Then sits down and answers some questions. She goes to sit back down but realises there is a pie on the seat. She sits down reluctantly

She reads–Go into the tank and explain why you shouldn’t be gunged in 30 seconds. he comes out of the tank and sits back down on the chair outside. She continues to answer questions

After failing her justification she is given a pie and puts it in her face, she is given another and this time smears it to the top of her head where she leaves it as a hat. After that she rolls around in the gunge on the floor before getting washed off.