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On this custom Lucy and Tess are on the same team, and Carly and Casey are on the other team. The decide who is the joker and who is the audience. The audience members sit on the seat and their opponents team Joker must tell jokes to them, if they laugh they must take a pie and pie themselves, if they don’t laugh their opponent audience member has to pie themselves. What they don’t know is that they get points based on the savoury pies they receive. Once all the pies are gone, the Audience players wipe themselves off. Then, Joker from the losing team, which took the majority of the savory pies, is given the choice between being a “sore loser,” or a “good sport.” Should she elect to be a “sore loser,” the winning team’s Joker is given the remaining savory and sweet messes mixed in a bucket to dump on her head, while the losing team’s Joker is given a bowl of pie cream with which to completely cover her hair. Should she choose to be a “good sport,” the reverse happens.