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C624 Carly Leia Oil and Water Jugs for Water Tanking

Full HD

Today host Leia plays a game of luck with Carly in their jeans and caual outfits. There is 5 jugs of oil, 5 jugs of water and the tank of water up for grabs!

Carly picks an envelope from the set, then shuffles it for Leia to pick from. The envelops contain notes saying 2* recieve oil, 2* recieve water, and 2* saying host gets both (if one is chosen host gets oil and water, if both envelopes of this are chose Carly gets oil and water)

after chosing the envelopes, the girls roll the dice to land on a even number to trade envelopes with the other girl, the dice is rolled a couple of times to give the girls a chance to change envelopes if they want to. before opening the envelopes they guess what the envelopes my say, if they get it right the oponent goes into the ice cold water tank. Sounds confusing but someone if not both are going to end up wet? covered in oil or in the water tank… before washing off at the end.