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C623 Frankie Sky Casey Mini Games for Slime and Messy TAbes

Full HD

At the start the host looks inside 3 envelopes and gets to write her name, and Sky/Frankie’s name on the outside of each envelope, inside the 3 envelopes say. 1. First Tubes.

2. Second Tubes. 3. Tank.

After this it is round 1, Sky and Frankie take turns to score as many basketball points/scores as possible each girl has 2 minutes to play her attempt before the second girl takes her turn for 2 minutes.

The one who gets the most balls through the hoop wins the round.

Round2. Water Pong: Take turns to throw/bounce the pingpong ball into a cup (10 cups in the triangle formation) at their opponents end of the table, if they get it in the cup they pour the cup of water over the host If both girls win a round each the overall winner is the one who won round 2 if she got all the cups cleared, if round was a draw because of the time limit then the winner of round 1 is counted as the overall winner.

At the end the host hands out the envelopes, but before they open them up the overall winner gets to decide (without looking inside) if she wants to keep the envelope the host has allocated her or if she wants to swap them all around (if she thinks the host will have allocated her the worst outcome)

The girl with slimetank in the envelope takes a seat in the tank and is slimed in yellow chunky slime.

After this the one with “First Tubes” sits on the seat with the triangle/tube holder has the following mess poured over them down the tubes. (equivalent to jugs worth) (also the static camera position from the last ones worked well with the tubes so that’d be ideal again)

Ina random order this is poured over her

Spaghetti x2

beans x1

Mushroom soup x1

Lentil soup x1

Green Slime x2

Yellow slime x1

After this the remaining clean girl swaps places and sits on the seat under the tubes and has the following mess linked with “Second Tubes” envelope

beans x3 Mushroom soup x2 Vegetable soup x1 Leak and potato soup x1 pea soup x1.