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C621 Topless Twister with Sky and Frankie Messy Feet in Cakes

Full HD

This custom features two trays each filled with 20 mixed cakes, between the cakes the trays are filled with sticky chocolate syrup. Sky and Frankie start off the custom in just their panties, giving you a twirl showing off themselves. A wheel of camera is spun and tells the girls which feet to put into which cake. Sky gets a bit bored and decides to be naughty choose different cakes and smashing more than one up etc… Towards the end sky pours some custard over her bare boobs and body and convices Frankie to do the same… then once all the cakes are smashed up the girls make the mush into a big mix of cakes and then roll around in the mess before getting washed off at the end.

The two feet cam files are all the way through just a shot of each girls foot cams… then there is also a main edit with the main camera movement between girls and feet etc.