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C612 Amie and Casey Messy Birthday Celebrations for Customer

Full HD

Its one of our favourite customers birthday so Amie thought she’d put on a show for him. You can expect comedy, games and lots of mess.

”I tell a joke, and at the end of the punchline I stick a pie in my face!”

”Here’s a plastic cup Casey, and all you need to do is collect as much custard as you can.”

a selection of birthday celebrations from around the world

”In Jamaica it is tradition for the birthday boy or girl to be “antiqued” which means covered in flour. They might be ambushed or it might be part of an organised party. As the customer isn’t here for us to ambush Amie you will be demonstrating this tradition, is that right?”

”Netherlands Tart

In the Netherlands they make “taarties” which are tarts filled with fruit and topped with cream. They are “served” to celebrate the birthday, and so we’ll be serving this one on you Amie (this will be a pastry case that Casey can fill with tinned peaches and then top with cream)”
Mess: custard, squirty cream, jugs of custard, flour, shaving foam, silly string, toffee sauce, tapioca, semolina, porridge… and gunge tank.