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C609 Rhian Charley Mini Games for Slime Tank and Messy Tubes

Full HD

Rhian and Charlee play some mini games to see who ends up with the nice yellow slime tanking and who has to sit under the tube that pours horrible messy substances down! Both girls are bare legged.

The games: Map game (pin stickers on uk cities), Blow it, Ping Pong ball throwing.

Once the points from the games have been added up the winner get handed some envelopes with options for the outcome… once theyve chose the get to peak inside and get to swap the outcome for another evelope but after that not swap it again… once the outcomes are revealed the mess is dished out!

Out come example: Looser goes in the slime tank, winner goes under messy tubes!

Tubes mess: leak and potato soup, mushroop soup, beans, pea soup, porridge, spaghetti

more than one jug of each roughly.