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C587 Carley Leia Games for Mess and Gunge Tank

Full HD

Carly and Leia play some mini games to earn points to try and get to 10 points to avoid the punishment trolly and gungetank, First of to earn a point and start first they must down a cup of orange juice. Then they try to get a hoop with the basket ball, they get half a point for each one they get. They play two games of Jenga, and play beer pong with orange juice cups, for each cup they get a ball on the losers end goes over them. Once someone gets to 6/7 points they get two choose 1 of 2 envelopes, one has a note saying the mess is split between them even if their opponent gets 10 points(avoiding the mess)… the other envelope says they avoid the gunge tank all together. The girls play the games and add the points up and the mess goes onto the loser(s) then they get washed off at the end.