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C583 Leia Poppy Mini Games Messy Tubes

Full HD

Leia and Poppy play mini games to try and avoid the tubes that some horrible sweet/savoury mess is poured down. But in this show Leia plays first with Poppy in another room so poppy doesn’t know Leia Score. The first game they have 2 minutes to get as many ping pong balls into the boxes on the table marked, -1, 5 and -3 points. Then they play higher lower on their own trying to guess correctly the next card as many times as possible, Then there is a map of the uk, where they stick dots where they think the called out city is or near. Poppy is brought on and before playing the games is offered to strip to her bikini to only have to win 3 rounds instead of the additional 4 round to beat Leia, The last game only Played by Poppy, there are 5 stars hidden on set that she has to find all 5 of them she wins this round, she has 3 minutes.

The scores are revealed and the looser takes their seat on the chair taking the mess all over their head before getting washed off. both girls are barelegged.

The mess is: Spaghetti, beans, mushroom soup, veg soup, leak and potato soup, tomato soup and porridge.