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C574 Sky Poppy PVC Dresses… Orange Juice Pies and Gunge Games!

Full HD

Today the girls are both dressed in pvc dresses, they play beer pong with cups filled with orange juice, if their opponent gets a ball in their cup they must pour over the orange juice over themselves.There is a 6 minute time limit… The person who receives the most cups over their head, loses. This results in 3 jugs of orange juice.

The second game is 3 rounds of connect 4. Each time a player loses, they can receive a pie or pie their opponent. The outcome of this game is irrelevant, the winner of the first mess pong is in fact the loser. They receive the remaining untouched cups from game 1 and 3 jugs of orange juice.

Game 3, both are given 1 pie each and a carton of custard. Whoever is able to make themselves the messiest wins. The loser receives 2 jugs of orange juice, 3 cartons of custard, 3 cartons of toffee sauce and 2 mostwam pies.

The winner receives a yellow gunging in the gunge tank.