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Casey and Leia enter wearing dressing gowns with their hair up in a towel, there is no one there to help them with the spa… they let their hair down and give it a brush, they take off their robes… and then give themselves a foot spa in some clear gunge and rub it up their legs…

Then Casey gives leia a massage with mud starting on the back of her legs while she lays on her front… then she pours mud on her back… then she rubs some into the front of her dress… Then they swap over… then they get the bowls of black gunge and rub some into their faces while their feet are in the bowl of clear gunge!

Next Casey pours the black gunge onto Leias Hair slowly getting it covered… Then they swap over… then back again Casey pours more and more onto Leias hair… and then they swap back again… until both of theirs hair is saturated with gunge… They pour the the clear gunge over themselves… Finially they lay down with their hair off the end of the sofas to show it off before getting washed off.