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C568 Most Royal Monarch Sister Stichup Showdown EP2

Full HD

It’s the ultimate battle of the sisters as Casey and Leia go head to head in the Monarch’s new series. The first four episodes feature three competitions in one–Splash Dash (with an ice cold soaking for the loser), Pie Trivia (Squirty Cream Pies, Chocolate pies, Yoghurt pies) and Gunge Tank Girls where they play a game and the loser is sent to the tank at the end of the show, unless they fancy their luck on the wheel to try and stitch their sister up instead!

The overall loser of each of these competitions will have to face the consequences in three special punishment shows at the end of the series (what these punishments are get revealed in the first episode) but who will be declared the superior sister?

Gtg game: Blow it.