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C560 Lucy Alice in GungeLand Latex Stocking Gunging

Full HD

Lucy walks onto set in her casual clothes she’s come for a custom but no one is around, she reads the signs ‘pull me’ ‘wear me’… she picks up her outfit and goes off and comes back dress as a latex Alice in wonderland. Lucy steps into the gunge tank and pulls the pull me rope, nothing happens she steps out and gunge pours down. Lucky Lucy, she mops up the mess with a mop squeezing out the gunge from it which eventually ends up going all down her legs. Lucy gets messier and messier… She then scoops out the gunge from the bin with the watering can, it goes all over her… she pours more and more over herself. After that she goes back to clean up the gunge tank where she steps in and the gunge comes down all over her, She continues and gets covered in the pink gunge from head to toe.

Lucy comes out and pulls over the bin of gunge and tries to climb in and escape but cant… she gets up and sorts her stockings out before getting washed off.