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C543 Boss Belinda and Sleepy Leia in Pajamas Wet Tasks

Full HD

Boss Belinda calls in Leia urgently to help with a leak. Leia comes in still in her pyjamas and tired… she takes a seat while Belinda moans about her being tired and in her pyjamas still. Belinda explains that she has to go out and Leia needs do a few tasks for her… To check overhead for leaks, Empty the jugs on the table, Empty the bath and clear up the floor. Belinda leaves Leia to it.


Leia falls a sleep before waking to remember she had to do something… She gets the tasks mixed up and remembers some bits of them pour jugs out… overhead Leia pours the jugs over her head leaving her hair over her face… Then she mops up the floor falling asleep falling into the container of water again and again Then she remembers something about getting into the bath… she gets into the bath pouring jugs of water over her head Then she falls sleep. Belinda comes back to Leia sleeping in the bath and fires her Belinda is back on the phone and takes a seat on the chair where she continues her phone call… The leak in the roof springs open and sprays Belinda who is wearing a white top with no bra underneath… Belinda sits helplessly for a minute before the leak stops… She sits frozen before getting up and storming off… After Belinda has left Leia nips back in a and slips back into the bath. After the scene has finished Belinda pours some jugs over her head and hair as a bonus.