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C538 Most Royal Monarchs Christmas Gamble Gameshow Leia Casey 2

Full HD

Continuing on from the last Episode with reverse roles! Its Back! The most royal monarch great gamble gameshow. This time its a christmas short series. With Leia hosting her sister Casey… The great gable gameshow is explained to Leia, There are 7 cards, 3 are prizes 3 are punishments and 1 is a joker mystery card. Firstly the prizes are explained and Casey picks one of the cars that have been turned over, then the punishments are explained and she pickes the card once turned over… Then all the remaining cards and the joker are added back into the mix and she picks two more cards… This becomes her gamble hand. The cards are revealed as to which she has chose. Then turned back over and mixed up and she chooses the final gamble card.

She is give a choice whether to gamble and recieve the punishment if it is a punishment. If its a prize Leia the host recieves the mess of the gunge tank and shaving foam pies. or not gable where she takes the water tank, the gunge tank and shaving foam pies.

If the card is a joker the game takes another twist… The prizes and punishments are shown in the thumbnails.

If Casey gambles host Leia recieves the water tanking then possibly the gunge tank and shaving foam pies!

Wash off at the end as always.