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C518 Poppy Bikini in Monarchs Easter Special Slime Tank

Full HD

Poppy is playing in the Most royal monarchs Easter special. She does not know what is happening in today’s custom other than she has to wear a bikini under her robe. Quick chat about how she feels about wearing a bikini and doing skimpy shoots in general.

Charlotte tells P she won’t be able to avoid getting messy today however she will have the chance to make her messy experience slightly better for herself plus there is a chance to win the prize. C says the Monarch likes to offer prizes, sometimes cash but as it is Easter today’s prize is 1 Easter Egg!

Round 1- Bikini Colour match. P has to disrobe, strip down to her bikini for the rest of the show. If it matches the colour of the yellow slime then Poppy wins 1 counter.

Round 2–Mystery Round. P has to take a seat and close her eyes while Charlotte gets the mystery trolley of props ready behind her. She has the chance to win three counters. She will be asked three questions, the answer to each is a number less than 10. If she gets a question right, she wins the counter.

The questions: How many ice buckets going over your head. How many eggs cracked over your head. How many mystery pies put in your face (Honey pies)

Round 3 -Talkabout: her hands behind her back and then take a seat in the slime tank.

give her 45 seconds to talk about a subject… Poppy has to talk about this subject and try and say all five words or phrases that the Monarch has chosen.

time runs out before matching all 5 phrases = slimed without warning.

matches all 5 = she will still get slimed but gets to have her hands untied.

The phrase to talkabout is hot cross buns.

if Poppy wins, she wins the Easter Egg and Charlotte unties her hands. If Poppy loses, Charlotte gets the Easter Egg herself instead and Poppy hands remain tied. Either way she gets the mess as follows:-

Firstly the milk over Poppy’s head, then pie her with all squirty cream pies.

The mess (milk, cream and foam pies) for the end game… C explains to P that she will be getting all this mess over her but has a chance to get her hands untied and win the Easter Egg.

In the end game Charlotte is going to ask Poppy a question which has 12 answers she needs to get all 12 right to win the Easter Egg.

Every time she makes a wrong guess, C will splat her with a squirty cream pie, then remove one of her counters. Providing Poppy has another counter, she has another guess and the game continues this way.

The game continues until either Poppy has all 12 right answers or has run out of counters.

C gets to the shaving foam pies, which she tells Poppy will be the finale of the show she reminds Poppy there is a consolation prize.

Assuming P lost, C tells her because the Monarch is a kind man, although she lost he is still going to award her in chocolate. If P won, C tells her the Monarch has decided to let her have the consolation prize too.

Chocolate milkshakes, chocolate syrup, chocolate sauce, chocolate pie. Then shaving foam pies in Poppy’s face.