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C514 Numerically Challenged Superhero Suprise GungeTank Game

Full HD

Today on Numerically Challenged a custom series, the looser from last time Frankie is back and up against new contestant Zara. Frankie is dressed in a catsuit as Cat women, wearing boots, gloves, ears and a mask. Zara is wearing a Iron women catsuit along with mask and heels. Lisa is wearing Captain America Women cosplay shiny outfit along with red heels and a mask.

Numerically Challenged the game: There are lots of numbers on the wall, 1 girl goes first getting asked questions and has to choose a numberfrom the wall as the answer, they must keep trying until they get it right or pass to the next question. When getting asked questions there opponent gets to squirt them with the gunge gun (orange gunge). Once 6 questions are answered correctly the clock stops. The numbers are reset and its the other girls turn. There is a supprise host/guest in this episode that twists things up but who is it?! A third round?! After all the rounds the Time penalties are added to those who may accidnetly get the host or the number covered in gunge. The fastest girl to answer 6 questions is the winner and the looser goes in the good old gunge tank (yellow gunge)! At the end they get washed off.