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C509 Charley Frankie Barelegged Gameshow Gunge Trolley of Mess

Full HD

Today we have Charlee and Frankie, They are both wearing tops with skirts and are bare legged with heels. The girls are given some envelops to sign that will come into play later on. Charlotte brings on a trolley with some savoury mess on Some beans, spaghetti, passata and soups. There is a map on the wall and the girls have to stick dots nearest to the country that is read out. Nest they play wet beer pong chucking balls into the others cups which then they get the cup of water over them if one lands in. Next some me-pie-me pies are distributed Then its gunge tank time! After the gungetank the savoury mess is poured on a the poor subject… Then some more mess is brought out on a trolley containing bowls instead of jugs this timeBut who will get what?!

in the end the messy players get washed off.