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C489 Monarchs Great Gamble Gameshow EP3 Charlee

Full HD

5 girls play in this series, 1 girl in each episode competes against the monarch / host. There are 7 playing cards, 3 equal to prizes, 3 equal to punishments and 1 mystery joker card which contains ether a prize or punishment. They play by choosing 1 card from the 3 prize cards, 1 card punishment card, then choose 2 more cards from the remaining cards. The 4 cards are revealed, shuffled then the girl must choose only one card from the gamble hand this is her gamble card. The host Casey takes a seat in the tank filled with cold water. The girl must either; 1. Gamble and pull the tank chain on host Casey, the girl will get the prize or punishment of the chosen card. Signing the contract to agree to whatever the punishment or prize is. If its a prize the girl will stay clean, the host will recieve a gunging and shaving foam pies, if its a punishment she will get a gunging and shaving foam pies. If its a joker the game takes another twist.

2. Rip up the contract, swap places with the host, recieve the water tanking, The card is then revealed, if it’s a prize the contestant misses out and gets the gunge and pies and if its a punishment she dodges that, stays clean and the host gets the gunge and pies. If its the joker it brings another twist.

Todays prizes, punishments and possible outcomes.

-Gamble or Take water tanking, Gunge tanking and Shaving foam pies.

-25 pounds cash prize, Stay clean in this Episode. Host gets gunge and Pies.

-Gunge almost anyone in another scene, Stay clean in this Episode. Host gets gunge and Pies.

-Win a wadrobe of 3 outfits and model them in this video. Stay clean in this Episode. Host gets gunge and Pies.

-Strip to underwear and get gunged and pied

-Lose 25 pounds from model fee, and get gunged and pied.

-Slime tank and mud pies in another episode, get gunged and pied in in this episode.

After mess is applied to either host or contestant, The episode is summerised, thoughts on the game then washed off at the end.