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C486 Lucy Sky Lycra Spandex Wet Workout Dunk Gunge Tank

Full HD

Sky and Lucy are dress in sexy atheletic outfits firstly with hoodies over them but they quickly remove them to show off their great outfits. Sky is wearing a black catsuit with a red leotard over the top and white leg warmers. Lucy is wearing purple leggings and thong back reebok swimsuit over the top. The girls go up on the dunk tank seat and are asked questions getting dunked if they get them wrong then after 10 questions each they swap over After some dunks Sky takes down her leotard down to her waist showing off more of the catsuit underneath. After the dunkings to decide who goes in the gunge tank I ask the girls to plank for as long as possible the one who stops is the looser and goes in the gunge tank. After the gunging the girls show off their bums in their sexy outfits and then the gunged girl rolls around in the gunge and the other girl goes back in the dunk tank for a quick dunking. Then wash off at the end.