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C479 Amie The Elf’s Sweet Mess Pies and Silver GungeTank

Full HD

Amie is wearing a soft velvet like green dress with some big black boots. Im wearing a red dress to get in the spirit too!

Round 1… Each year its this customers tradition to place a pudding or cake on the head and pour a substance all over it… This year its Yule log time as i pour chocolate sauce all over it. Then Amie rubs in the sauces all over. Round 2… So it’s time for a game of charades! I act out three Christmas classics for Amie to guess. For each one she fails to guess, she gets a pie!

Round 3… We’ve done the ping pong balls in custard game before, but to give this game a festive flavour this time it’s time to swap the balls for Brussel sprouts! And we’ve swapped the custard for chocolate in Amie’s honour. It is the time for giving after all! Also as Amie tipped the bowl over me in a previous custom it’s only fair i get to take revenge this time.

Round 4… Festive questions! Each question will be accompanied by a messy present from the customer and a clean present too. As with the previous Christmas specials I will allocate 20 to buy up to four gifts for Amie. So after each question she will get the messy forfeit specified below, and one of the presents you have bought her. Mess ; trifle, custard, toffee sauce, strawberry sauce

Round 5… We couldn’t do the Christmas special without seeing Amie gunged in the tank. Keeping up with the Christmas theme we’ve turned the gunge silver!

Then to round off, maybe a question of two like as it’s your last custom of the year, have you enjoyed it? Do you think there’s still more to come next year?