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C466 Amie and Zara Messy Tv Show Games and Messy Tubes

Full HD

It’s a Tv show where Amie and Zara are both guest singers. Amie has come on to perform but also to take part in the show and Zara I just a super fan! They play a series of messy games.

The first game the girls lay on their fronts with a squirty cream pie on the floor in front of them, they have to hold their hands behind their backs and try to keep their faces out of the suirty cream pie… The looser gets the remainder of the pies all over their face.

Punchline quiz with messy forfiets, they get give some slips of paper with a joke on them, they ask their opponent the joke and they have to get the punchline, if they dont get it right they get a messy item on them.

Messy tubes, The girls hold the big tubes above their heads and get asked questions, if they get it right their opponent gets some messy down their tube over their heads… if they get it wrong they get it themselves. At the end they get washed off.